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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

For the single hard-working individual housework can be difficult, the house or flat can seem like an un-scalable mountain of dust and discarded clothes. Its hard to know where to start. Shall we dust the shelves, hoover the floor, or thump the cushions back into shape? Or shall we just go out again to the nearest restaurant or pub, forget about the housework, neglect the dishes, think about hiring a cleaner?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

The problem is starting. The next problem is making sure everything is properly cleaned and what utensils to use. So lets start at the beginning! A trip to the local supermarket is required and an exhaustive supply of cleaning liquids and cloths bought suitable for each cleaning problem. A number of mops for floors and the corners of the toilet.
Select a day to clean. OK. You’d prefer to shop or go out drinking with friends. Fight it! Ring a day in the calendar and stick to it.

The day arrives and you then are required to list the order of your cleaning routine. Which room is first, second, until the order is complete. Select the utensils and other cleaning materials needed. Put them by the first chosen room. Put on plastic cloves, a necessity, and begin.

I suggest you begin with the kitchen, do the washing up, clean the sink and surfaces. Brush and hoover the floor, and then after mop it with strong cleaning liquid. Work hard, as hard as you’ve ever worked. Move immediately on to the bathroom, focussing first on the toilet. Apply limitless elbow grease! Pour disinfectant over everything. Slide with marvellous dexterity into the bedroom. Remove sheets and pillow cases from bed and place in washing machine. Move onto the living room, finishing at midnight.

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