Ashington Home & House Cleaning Case Study

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Ashingtom, Northumberland Domestic Home Clean Case Study

This week we were contacted by the local council, who asked us to clean an old people’s home in Ashington. They informed us that on the day they wished to hire us, most of the residents would be out on a day trip, while those that were unable to go would be in the lounge area, leaving us free to get on with cleaning all of the rooms.

They told us that the home had fifty bedrooms and ten bathrooms and toilets, so that it was quite an extensive job. We decided to take a large team to this project so that we would be able to get through it quickly, before the residents came back from their day trip. We arrived at 10am, with a large variety of cleaning equipment in our vans. As our customers had described, the home was large and sprawling and there were a lot of rooms that needed a lot of attention, due to dust and general dirt.

Some of the bathrooms were also in a reasonably poor state, which clearly wasn’t good for elderly residents, so these obviously needed a lot of attention. We decided to get started on all of the bedrooms though, which were all carpeted. We cleaned the windows, dusted all of the residents’ personal belongings and vacuumed each of the carpets several times to remove all of the dust and hairs from the floor.

We also advised the staff that all the net curtains in the home needed to be taken down and washed as these were all very dusty and grubby, which we helped them to do. As there were 50 bedrooms, cleaning all of them took us a few hours, but as we had so many staff members on hand, we still had a lot of time left for the rest of the job. Next, we moved onto the bathrooms, while other members of our team tackled the kitchen and the communal dining area. The bathrooms varied in terms of cleanliness, but all of them were in definite need of scrubbing and disinfecting to bring the up to a good standard of cleanliness.

We also mopped all of the floors, making sure that we got into all of the tricky corners where dirt, dust and grime had gathered. Unlike the bathrooms, the kitchen was in a very good state of cleanliness, which we were pleased to see. We cleaned the oven, disinfected all of the surfaces and wiped down all of the fixtures and fittings throughout. The communal dining area was also relatively clean, though quite dusty in places, so we gave this a thorough clean and vacuum in order to leave it sparkling.

Now that the rest of the home was clean, the staff moved the remaining residents to their bedrooms so that we could clean the communal lounge for them. This was quite a large space, with lots of armchairs and sofas and coffee tables. The floor was carpeted and definitely needed a lot of vacuuming. We also removed all of the cushions from the chairs and sofas so that we could vacuum up all of the crumbs beneath them.

We then polished all of the tables, cleaned all of the windows and advised the staff that they should get the large curtains professionally dry cleaned as they were quite dusty and dirty in places. With the communal area now thoroughly clean our job was done and we were very happy with what we had managed to achieve, and hoped that the staff would be able to keep on top of the cleaning in the future.

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