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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After an eternal chilly winter finally subsides and the sun eventually decides to rear its long awaited self, we naturally take that opportunity to begin the season afresh by going into spring cleaning mode by deeply cleaning and organising our living space. According to sources, the practice of Spring cleaning can be traced back to several different cultures who may have began the practice in preparation for certain religious or cultural events for example, the ancient Jewish who ensured their homes were thoroughly cleaned and prepared after the harsh Winter months for the coming of the passover festival. Similar house cleansing practices have also been noted in Scotland in preparation for Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year.

Since we spent so much of our Winter remaining indoors, eating, socialising and generally opting to avoid the winter chill, we tended to accumulate more dirt and general build-up in our residences than usual. And as the warmer days crept in and blossoms began bursting into colour, we were reminded that Spring was afoot and naturally took steps to prepare our space for this fresh beginning. Nowadays a spring clean doesn’t necessarily have to take place in Spring, it can used to describe the process of deeply cleaning ones habitat beyond the standard ‘tidying up’ we usually adhere to.

Besides the fact that we reap the aesthetic and health benefits of a fabulously clean and tidy house, a spring clean may also have the added effect of providing us with a sense of mental clarity as the process of deep cleaning revolves around ridding ourselves of excess clutter and the disarray which may stem from having a cluttered or untidy living area. So perhaps when the space around us is clean and tidy it may allows us to think and breathe more clearly and to exist that little bit more harmoniously in our surroundings.

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