Eliminate The Causes Of Odour

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

The After Party Clean

Last night you were throwing the party of the year but now it’s morning and you’re stuck with the lingering smell of alcohol, stale food and cigarettes.

The last thing anyone wants to be faced with after a good party is a stale reminder of what happened the night before. So here’s our easy 3 step guide to dealing with the post party clean up.

1. Eliminate the causes of odour

This is best done on the night of the party, and also is a great way to utilise your end of party lingerers (or close friends) as they’ll probably be shamed into helping out. This is where you get rid of the things that will cause that stale smell in the morning – throw away cans and packages, empty ashtrays and remove your empty glasses and dishes into the kitchen.

2. The wipe down

Wipe down those sticky surfaces. Once this is stage is complete your house will start feeling more like a home again, rather than a pub at throwing out time! Hoover the floors and the mountainous task of cleaning that lay before you the night before should start to look less daunting.

3. The wash up

Now it’s time to tackle the pile of washing up. Fingers crossed you’ve got a dishwasher but if not then grab a bottle of washing up liquid and a few sponges and get started!


Crank up the music, get yourself back into the party spirit and maybe the cleaning wont feel quite as bad!

Download a podcast or audio book and put on your headphones. Maybe you’ll find yourself getting so into it that you’ll actually be disappointed when you finally finish (hmm… the words “yeah” and “right” spring to mind).

Get someone else to do it. If you despise cleaning but love to throw a party then maybe it’s time to look into hiring a cleaner to deal with that post-party mess.

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