After Party Cleaning: The Dinner Party

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After party cleaning: the dinner party.

Having guests to dinner, creating a relaxed social atmosphere and enjoying a drink with friends is something we all like to enjoy. However, taking into account the amount of people you might have over, how many saucepans you might have to use, and the copious amounts of cutlery, plates, glasses, wine glasses, and much more? the aftermath of cleaning is not the best way to end the evening.

Enjoying the dinner party comes to an abrupt end if, once the guests have left, you have to resort to the kitchen to put the rubber gloves on and get cleaning! But what’s worse? Coming down the next morning after perhaps little sleep, and facing a dirty kitchen and dining room, with plates left over and food on the side.

They key is to manage the cleaning load. When the night is beginning to wrap up and you’re slowly starting to take plates, bowls or glasses to the kitchen, many of your guests might join in and similarly start helping you. There are some things that shouldn’t be left to the morning – leaving plates with leftover food out is a no no. Start by either soaking the dirty plates in the sink, or stacking up the dishwasher early. Make sure the table is clear of everything and taken in to the kitchen to start the dreaded cleaning process! Wiping down the table and putting plates and drinks back in the cupboard the next day isn’t as much of a hassle as scrubbing down plates with a scourer just to get the dried gravy off!

There are things you might have to consider that might not jump to your mind: crumbs on the floor, using extra plates and any leftover food! Make sure you enlist in the help of some strong spray cleaner for the table and your kitchen workshop sides as well as some refreshing spray? like nothing ever happened! An enjoyable evening and a clean house to go with it?

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