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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips ? Use Eco-Friendly Products

Home cleaning is one of the chores that most of us have to do. What is challenging in this chore is in picking the right and safe cleaning products. Home cleaning products are aplenty but not all of these products are safe to one?s health. Many cleaning products are incorporated harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your pets, kids and even to adults. Given this reality the need to be keen on the chemical-free cleaning products is a must.

Steamer For Carpets

In cleaning your carpets, the safest means to do it is to use a vacuum steamer. It practically uses clean water where it is being heated to a certain degree. The steam of the water can effectively polish your carpet inside and out. The steam is totally chemical-free, which is very safe to your pets or kids every time they play or lay their tired head to the carpet.

Baking Soda

The power of baking soda is still irrefutable despite the stiff competitions from other cleaning products. This cleaning powder is inexpensive yet its performance is seamless. It can remove stubborn kitchen dirt in the oven, kitchen top, tiles and many other parts at home.

Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Both vinegar and lemon juice can do wonder in dirt removal as well. With a few drops from vinegar or lemon juice, the whole area – kitchen or to any other parts at home, will have a sparkling touch, in less time.

These are just some of the affordable and readily available cleaning products that are eco-friendly and very easy to use. Further, these products are certified safe and friendly with no known side effects. The only thing there that you need to do is to take extra time in cleaning before you can appreciate the end result. Unlike the chemical based products, where you can immediately see the results, these eco-friendly cleaning products aren?t because it works conservatively, but it guarantees to harm at all.

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