Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Carpet Cleaning Tips

Dirt can weaken carpet fibers, so it is better to clean it regularly, even if it does not look dirty. Repeat (at least five to six times) when you vacuum the carpet to clean dirts deep at the base of the carpet.

Every time spillage is happened, immediately clean it before it becomes stain: Wipe the spillage out with paper towel immediately. Let the paper towel absorb the spillage.

Then, remove solid materials which had been spilled along. Start from the edge to the center.

Do not scrub. It will only spread the stain.

To clean the new stain:

Dab a bit of club soda on the stain.
Let it be absorbed a few minutes.
Then dry it with clean cloth by covering the stain to absorb the club soda.
You might have to do it several times.

To clean an old stain: Mix:

Two tablespoons of detergent
Three tablespoons of vinegar
Approximately one liter of warm water.
Dab the mixture on the stain, however do not let it too soggy.
Dry it with clean cloth.

Use one tablespoon of liquid dishes detergent into the stain.
Dab damp sponge on it until it lathers.
Remember: Dry it by absorbing, do not scrub.
Use clean towel to absorb the liquid.
Continue to do it until dry.

For really old stain which could not be removed with the above method:

Consider using dry cleaning liquid (handle with care).
Do not immediately pour into the stain. Use clean white towel, and slowly dab the stain.
Continue dabbing it and let the towel absorb the liquid until the stain is gone.
After you clean the stain, put clean towel on it. Then put something heavy on top of it. Replace the towel with another towel if it is already soggy.

Handling Large and Small Stains

New Mud Stain

Sprinkle enough corn flour to cover the whole stain.
Leave it for twenty minutes.
Clean it by vacuum cleaner.Grease stains

Cover grease stains by baking soda and dab it into the carpet fiber.
Leave it for one hour.
Then scrub it with scrub-brush.
Repeat if necessary.

Persistant ink stain

Cream of tartar could clean persistant ink stain:

Daub the cream until it covers all the stain.
Drip a few drops of lemon extract.
Put clean cloth on top of it.
Dab the cloth to absorb the liquid in a few minutes.
Scrub it until clean.
Rinse it with warm water.

Candle Drip Marks

Remove candle drip marks by:

Covering them with brown bag.
Then iron the brown bag.
The brown bag will absorb the candle.

Cigarette Stain

Concealing is the best way to handle cigarette stain:

Remove as much burnt fiber as possible with tweezer or nail clipper.
Cut a little bit fibers from a concealed part.
Put it on the hole with white glue or cloth glue.
Let it dry for 24 hours.

Bubble Gum Removal

Freezing is one of the best way to remove bubble gum:

Put an ice cube on the bubble gum until the gum gets hardened and frail.
Crush it with bread knife and remove it.
Clean the remainings with detergent and cool water.

Ashes Stain Removal

Cover the ashes with salt.
Clean with vacuum cleaner.
Do not try to clean the ashes with water since it only makes the stain gets worse.

Red Wine Spillage Removal

Immediately handle red wine spillage:

Dry the spillage with white cloth.
Cover it with talcum or borax.
Once the talcum starts congealed, remove it and sprinkle new talcum.
Repeat several times.
Leave the powder for several hours.
Once more, remove the talcum.
Then wash the stain with soft detergent.

Glue Removal

Remove glue with white vinegar.
Ink Removal

If you drop a pen on the carpet:

Dissolve the stain with hairspray.
Leave it dry.
Wash it with white vinegar and water.

White Stains Removal

You can recolour the stains by mixing colourings with water until you get the similar colour. Just remember that wet fibers look darker then it should be.

Dab the stain slowly and leave that part dry before you add the colourings.Pet Stain

Dab the stain with sponge which had been soaked with carbonated water.
Leave it dry by letting the wringed sponge absorbed the remaining liquid.
If your pet still stains the same spot:
Spray a vinegar on that spot.
Vinegar smell will make your pet avoid that spot.

Unpleasant Carpet Smell

If your carpet still smells unpleasant after you clean it, the carpet material might be the cause. To ressolve it:

Dry the carpet until it is completely dry.
Sprinkle baking soda on it.
Leave it completely dry.
Clean it with vacuum cleaner.

Mould Removal

Sprinkle the mouldy part with baking soda.
Leave it for two hours.
Clean it with vacuum cleaner.

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