General House Cleaning Tips After The Night Before

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

The House is Here Somewhere

The fun, laughter, and music have ended; quiet terror has descended. Yes it is time for the great after party clean up.

So how can you make dealing with this trauma any easier?

Be Prepared

Do your best impression of a boy scout; a little pre party thought is always is a good thing.

If you have a dishwasher make sure it is empty in anticipation of the dirty dishes to come.  If you will be washing by hand likewise with the sink and draining area.

Remember coasters, coasters, coasters, and the subtle hint to use them when the guests arrive.

Bring out the kitchen towels.  If they are within reach you are less likely to have an in-party moment of madness and ‘leave that stain for later’.  Do you really want to still be scrubbing that spot in six weeks’ time?

As the Madness Subsides

No matter how much preparation you have done there will always be a varying amount of clearing up after a ‘do’.  Depending on how hard you have partied you may not feel like doing anything on the night.  Do you really want to wake to a land of chaos the next day though, especially if the hangover has arrived?

It really is worth at least:

Disposing of the perishable items
Putting food you are keeping on a plate, covered in foil, in the fridge.
Putting any hard to clean dishes in soak with washing-up liquid
Loading the dishwasher, and
Checking for stains and spillages and treating them

The Morning After

If you have prepared, and done a basic tidy and clean, you should be able to have a lie in with your hangover on party aftermath day.

When you surface remember to:

Re-treat any remaining stains
Wash and store the remaining dishes, and
Empty the rubbish

Then you can plan your next event; happy partying.

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