Good Party? The Morning After The Night Before!

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After Party Clean: The morning after the night before.

Doritos on the table, orderves stuck in the sides of the couch and plastic bottles lay lifeless on the floor. It’s that time of the season, friends tell a friend for that ‘After Party Clean.’ Now first things first, in order to get your homely abode looking like when you first moved in, start from the back. Yes. Move the couch, wall-units, and the dining table used to host the finger-food for your guests, to the middle of the living room. That way you can hoover the hidden dirt and dust anything else in-between.

Now you and the three-strong army can work on the main area of the room, with the essential bin-bag. The chances of a collectable item being mistaken for rubbish would be rare, so the black bag is a go. However, if you want to be on the absolute safe side, then do remind Sarah to keep an eye out for the pint-sized action figure, or anything worthy of memorabilia.

So put the radio on and if you are a lone soldier for that ‘After Party Clean,’ then fear not; ten minute reoccurring breaks should do the job. It may seem tedious and overwhelming now, but the relief you’ll get once you can see the floor, beats that somber mood you were in when waking up. Besides, there’s something about cleaning up and ridding oneself of clutter that creates an overall feel good vibe and atmosphere. Or is it just me?

Admittedly, I do get those days where I wish someone else will do the job and procrastinating won’t do me any harm. However, the doorbell will eventually ring so maintain the ‘party host of the year,’ before the pests start a rumor mill.  Happy After Party Cleaning!

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