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The best hangover helper: post-party cleaners

Promotion? Passed your driving test? Christmas do? Whatever the occasion, there is always the morning after the night before to contend with.

You’ve had a wild night. That gathering of close friends turned into an all-night house party. And just thinking about the chaos that surrounds you is hurting your already-delicate head.

There are crumpled red plastic cups strewn across every surface, half-empty beer bottles spilling out onto the carpet, people passed out in doorways and the constant drum of the bass still pumping out of the sound system.

Considering you’re struggling with the hangover from hell, the thought of hiring a cleaner might flit through your mind. But you wouldn’t want anyone to be subjected to the mess your friends have created.

The post party clean up is something just about everyone wants to avoid that’s why most of your guests will scarper before sunrise. Its even worse when you have to do it in super-quick time.

Maybe the office is opening for business or the parents are coming home from their holiday. Whatever it is, the chances are you’re not going to get it done while you’re nursing a sore head.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A team of professionals can come in to your home? or anywhere else for that matter? and have the place looking spic and span in just a couple of hours. This gives you ample time to go back to bed to recover while the fairies get to work.

Collecting rubbish, mopping floors, bleaching the bathroom and even rearranging the furniture if need be. In fact, they’ll do just about everything shy of kicking your mates out of the house!

And it doesn’t end there. These specialist cleaners? or as they prefer to be called: angels – even come with ample supplies of coffee and bacon butties to help you get back on your feet.

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips - Had A Wild Party?
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